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Empowering Accessibility

We envision a world where dashboard wireframing is accessible to everyone, allowing individuals from diverse fields and skill levels to bring their ideas to life with ease.


Simplicity Redefined

Our mission is to simplify and streamline the wireframing process to its essence. We aim to be a one-stop solution, right from dashboard mocks to export to a BI tool of choice.


Data Dependency

Mokkup.ai is designed to accommodate users with or without data at hand. It makes dashboard wireframing a creative and dynamic process rather than a data-driven one.


Accelerate Development

Mokkup provides pre-built elements and templates, allowing our users to focus on the overall design and functionality, significantly accelerating BI dashboard development.


No Design Expertise

We believe design is not a barrier to creativity. Mokkup’s pre-designed elements and templates ensure anyone can create visually stunning dashboard wireframes in minutes.


Inspiring Innovation

Ultimately, Mokkup.ai aspires to be a catalyst for innovation. We envision a future where Mokkup is the tool of choice for all analysts, fostering a culture of creative problem-solving.

Our goal is to empower developers to focus on what they do best — creating exceptional dashboard wireframes with clear visualization.

Pavel Gupta

Chief Executive Officer


Spark Innovation Without The Need For Code, Design, Or Data Expertise.

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Mokkup.ai is proudly developed by Neenopal, a renowned data analytics firm known for its expertise in data-driven solutions. Leveraging our extensive experience in the data analytics field, we've recognized the need for a user-friendly wireframing tool that bridges the gap between data and design.

Our team's collective expertise drives our mission to redefine the dashboard wireframing process, making it accessible to all.


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Origin Of Mokkup

The inception of Mokkup.ai can be traced back to a pivotal moment at NeenOpal when our team realized the remarkable impact of dashboard wireframing on the business intelligence (BI) process. It became evident that traditional wireframing methods were time-consuming and significantly hindered the pace of BI development. It was during this realization that we recognized an opportunity to revolutionize the industry.

Inspired by the potential to accelerate BI projects by up to 10x, Neenopal embarked on a journey to develop Mokkup.ai, a groundbreaking tool that simplifies dashboard wireframing and empowers users to create interactive prototypes swiftly, thereby expediting the BI workflow and fostering a culture of agility in data-driven decision-making.

Meet Our Team

With a decade of experience in data analytics, Mokkup’s team is adept at blending data expertise with software innovation.

Pavel Gupta

Pavel Gupta

Chief Executive OfficerPavel Gupta

Himanshu Bahmani

Himanshu Bahmani

Chief Operating OfficerHimanshu Bahmani

Nished Singhal

Nished Singhal

Chief Analytics OfficerNished Singhal

Ujjwal Shukla

Ujjwal Shukla

Product ManagerUjjwal Shukla

Anshuman Sharma

Anshuman Sharma

Lead EngineerAnshuman Sharma

Pinky Gohil

Pinky Gohil

Design LeadPinky Gohil

Ilakkiya Ramesh

Ilakkiya Ramesh

Senior DeveloperIlakkiya Ramesh

Venkatesh Ragavan

Venkatesh Ragavan

Senior UI/UX DesignerVenkatesh Ragavan